Daily Life of a Freshman

Freshman year is an important step in your life. You have finally grown out of middle school, and are entering a place with time ‘big kids.’ But what does the life of freshman look like really? We haves asked a six students in freshman year at the American School of Barcelona to describe to us their life in their first year of High School.

Many of the freshman at ASB have a pact day where they go to school and later on engage themselves into after school activities or program organized by the School.

The first freshman we interviewed is William Robert from 9C. He starts the days taking 30 minutes to get ready for a day of school. He later on takes two buses that bring him to ASB after a 50-minute trip. At recess Will likes to hang out with friends and at lunch break play basketball with a couple of people. He proceeds in having one last class before he is able to go home at 4:00 p.m. But this is not the end of the day for him. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays William goes to basketball practice where he works the sport for 2 hours.

Alice Kouzmenko from 9A also accepted to answer our questions. Alice wakes up every morning at 7:30 and then takes 30 minutes to get ready and take breakfast. Later on she takes a 10 minutes walk to school for which she is always on time. Alice’s favorite subject is World Literature with Ms. Thompson, which she enjoys everyday of the week apart from Tuesdays. This makes those days for her a little more pleasant. On Tuesdays and Sundays Alice tutors younger kids in Math and English and is willing to babysit anytime she is available to make some extra money.

Declan Toomey is another freshman in the class 9A and actually a new students this year to ASB. Every morning he drives till his bus stop where the school bus will pick him up and bring him to school in 15 minutes. He enjoys Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays because those are the days where he has History, his favorite subject. At recess he plays soccer with his friends and continues the sport after school Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday during which he trains for 2 hours.

Hugo Madge Leon from 9C starts the day by getting ready and having a long breakfast in 50 minutes. His parents do the trip with him to school in 15 minutes to drop him off. During first break he likes to relax and simply hangout with friends. At lunch break he plays soccer or basketball with couple of schoolmates. On Wednesdays Hugo participates in the outreach program, where he goes a Catalan school and teaches the kids how to speak English with some of his peers.  During basketball season he plays on the school team and enters the AMAC tournament.

Lola Grosjean is a new students this year at ASB, and also has a complete schedule. Every morning Lola takes an hours to get ready and is later on brought to school by car.   She enjoys Mondays,  Wednesdays and Fridays because she has Biology with Ms. Llabine. And on Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays she does tennis for an hour and half and also participates in the Outreach program in Wednesdays.
Freshman can sometimes be underestimated or overestimated by parents or younger students, but like every situation in Life you get used to the activities. The freshman students just get adapt to their new style of life and environment. All students from 9th grade agreed that friends and family help them through the process.

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