Top 3 Series to Watch

There are three main series that students at ASB enjoy during their free time. These series are a source of relaxation and just something to watch during a small break between the work. These are the series.

The Big Bang Theory is a comedy series about four scientist expert in the world of physics and one girl who gives that world a turn.

Leonard Hofstater is a smart man who is always trying to balance his research for work with is social-interaction. He tries to be as open as possible.

Sheldon Cooper in the series is one of the world’s smartest man with a very strong intellectual capacity. He is Leonard’s roommate and very maniac when it comes to being organized.

Howard Wolowitz is an engineer who’s mind it basically set in on women. He tries his best in conquering women but somehow always fails.

Rajesh Koothraplli is an Indian Scienties experts on black wholes in the outer space. He has a great fear when it comes to speaking to women and cant do it unless he is drunk.

Penny is a beautiful women who is Leonard’s and Sheldon’s apartment neighbor. She isn’t the best when it comes to physics but she is able to conquer the heart of the four experts and bring a fresh touch as well as hilarious to the group of friends.

Students find the series great because it is funny and geeky. The characters aren’t mainstream and it is original since it talks about a topic that was never used before and had witty humor.

Two and a half men is about the Harper Brothers who are complete opposites but play on the same team. The main thing they have in common is the hatred for their mother, Evelyn. One of the brothers, Alan is a control freak and a very cheap man that was thrown out by his wife, Judith. Charlie on the other hand is what you could call a Cassanova who lives on a luxurious beach house. After he was thrown out, he moves in with Charlie and bring his son, Jake along with him. Jake is basically a food- obsessed lazy kid, who doesn’t do much at school. The show revolves around these three characters and explains their everyday life.

To many of our students two and a half men is a hilarious show with great humor. The story can be relatable when it comes to the love between brothers. Many students recommend this student

Friends was made in 1994 and ended in 2004. It is a comedy show in Manhattan about 6 adult friends in the struggle to find success and happiness in life.

Rachel Green is a popular school girl who was a spoiled brat, but decided to leave that style of life behind.

She moved in with her High School best friend Monica Gellar who is a compulsive neat freak who has trouble when it comes to love and was teased in high school for being over-weights but now it smoking.

Her brother, Ross Gellar, has always had strong feelings for Rachel and is a professor at university and is divorced from her ex-lesbian wife.

Pheobe Buffay is a fatheress child and a lovable hippy who is a masseuse. Her dream is to become a start in the music industry and create songs about her life-experiences. She is a hilarious character who says outloud almost anything that goes through her mind.

Chandler Bing is a man welies on humor as a defense. Though he is financially secure he has no idea what to do with his life. He is a compulsive smoker and doesn’t have much luck with women.

His roommate Joey Tribbiani isn’t the smartest man but unlike Chandler gets all the women and is trying to succeed as an actor. The show is about the life of these six friends who are constantly together.

Friends is the show that was recommended but most of the students at ASB. The show always brings a smile to their face, and it doesn’t last too long. It is 20 minutes, which the students consider perfect for a short break after a long day.
These shows are all fun and the characters are relatable with their different personalities. The shows permit a time to relax after doing homework or any type of activity. These are the top shows that were recommended by our fellow students.

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