Top 5 Apps to have on your phone

 After listing the top fifteen applications the Apple store has posted, we decided to make a top five or the students at ASB. The students chose the top five apps they think are the best and the ones they use the most. Here are the results.

Our number one app chosen by our students was Youtube. YouTube is an online public website that allows for signed up users to upload videos and make those videos available to a public composed of people all around the world. The videos range wideky from amateur films taken on cell phones to more professional videos taken by camera. Overall, the videos can teach you things, entertain you, make you laugh, scare you, provide you with music, teach you about the economy and much more. Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim were three previous employees of the PayPal online payment service which was designed, and later on released to the public on YouTube in 2005. YouTube is also used as a device to put any type of product out in the open for those who are interested in business. This also means that YouTube is a great source of information when it comes to learning about the latest products.

Many of our students at ASB use YouTube as a way to entertain themselves with videos and be able to use it as a source of relaxation. YouTube has also benefited our students academically by being a source of information for different types of projects, homework, or researches. Many kids have accounts on this website and are subscribed to what are called ‘YouTubers,’ who are people with accounts that upload videos every now and then.

Facebook is another application that is very commonly used among the students at ASB. Facebook Mobile is an app on smartphones that allows the user to access the accounts directly from their phone. This app was created in 2007 and was made to give the Facebook users the ability to view any updates or to update their own profile at any time of the day. It lets you update your status, make wall posts and upload photo uploading simply logging onto the website on your phone.

Students claim that the main reason they have the Facebook app on their phone is for them to be able to communicate with their friends at any moment of the day. Also they think that it is a good way to update your profile and communicate your ideas and thoughts with posts and photos through cell phones.

The application that is in third place is WhatsApp. WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile messaging app that allows the user to exchange  messages without having to pay like with SMS’s. The app is available on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia. All the owners of these types of phones are able to communicate with each other through WhatsApp. The applications use Internet data, the same one as used for emails or any type of browsing. In addition, WhatsApp has the option to create group conversations, and send images, videos, and audio messages. Whatsapp is a great way to stay in touch with friends at no cost at all.

Students have become common users of WhatsApp because many of them have a contract that includes unlimited Internet. Since Internet is the only requirement to constantly be able to communicate through the app, our students have adopted it. Various states claim WhatsApp is their main way of communication with all their friends living near or far.

Instagram is the next application most used by students. Instagram allows the users to upload, edit, add effects and share photos with anyone following their account. Photos can also be shared through other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. The editing side of the application includes many digital filters. In one click, you are able to crop, rotate, or add effects on a plain and simple photo. This application is available to Apple products such as iPhones, Ipod Touch’s, or Ipads through the iTunes App Store. Like on facebook, Instagram has a news feed, which shows you all the most recent updates made by ‘friends’ who you follow on the app. Later on, users are able to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on photos.

Not as many of our students have Instagram because it is only available on Apple products, which not everyone have. The application is mainly used by its users as a way to tell your friends what you are doing at any moment of your life and to share anything interesting through photos.

9GAG is a great source of laughter to many students at ASB. You can share anything you find is interesting or funny and get responses from people all over the world. These comments will state whether the post is funny or not. With this app, you can see all the latest photos and videos on your phone to make you laugh. 9GAG is the first website which main purpose is to have users upload comical images to make the public laugh. This website actually has 2 billion monthly views, due to it’s great source of humor. Most of the images uses worldwide known characters named memes. Each meme represent a certain type of person and are applied to certain situations shown through comics. The website is now an application since July 2012 used by ASB students.

All ASB users of this app state that they use it basically to have a little laugh and that it is a great source of humor. They like the application because posts shared by people all over the world in the same range of age as them, this means that most users are able to relate and understand easily the funniness. This app is mainly available in the apple store.

You now know the best 5 applications available on most smart phones that the ASB students use the most. You can check them out and enjoy these free applications.

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