Gun Situation in the USA

Gun Situation in the USA

April 17th marked an important day for those Americans fighting to make the gun laws stricter, including president Obama, showing them how hard of a goal it will be to achieve.
On this day, the senate of the United States voted on a law on extended gun background checks. With a vote of 54 to 46, they were 6 votes short of the 60 needed to pass this law. The biggest problem is convincing republican candidates of this necessity.
The discussion was on a series of amendments designed for a broad package of gun laws, pushed by the president and some democratic leaders, in effect of the Newtown shooting this past December. The plan was to expand background checks on firearms sales and included a proposal to ban some semiautomatic weapons, those modeled after military assault weapons.
Obama openly criticized the National Rifle Association and those who voted against the passing of these amendments, as the ones in favor were supported by a clear majority of Americans. He called it both a “pretty shameful day for Washington” and wondered, “who are we here to represent?” about the congress.
After what many people believe to be a disgraceful day to their country, stars including Paul McCartney, Alec Baldwin, Gloria Estefan and Josh Groban have joined the campaign “Voices Against Violence”, leaded by Tony Bennett. Other celebrities, like the singer John Legend and his fiancée Christine Teigen, also posted a tweet about their disappointment with the Senate, and the failing of these amendments.
With the support of many stars and thousands of Americans, many citizens are wondering why some Senators just will not agree. Since the terrible tragedy that shocked us in December of 2012, an article released on March 22nd of 2013 in the Huffpost Politics section, stated that a recorded 2,244 people have died due to gun violence in the United States of America. That means an average of 22.9 deaths in one day. For these reasons, many people are trying to fight this problem in the United States and hoping for a much better outcome in a future vote on this topic.

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